Types and specifications of stainless steel flat bars

      Release time: 2022-09-26

      Stainless steel flat steel is mainly divided into two types: equilateral stainless steel flat steel and unequal-sided stainless steel flat steel, among which equilateral can be divided into square steel. The specifications are expressed by the dimensions of side length and side thickness. The current domestic specifications are 3mm*20m-150mm.
      Import and export orders are generally based on the specifications required in use, and their steel grades are the corresponding carbon steel grades. That is, other than the specification number, there is no specific composition and performance series.
      The delivery length of stainless steel flat steel is divided into fixed length and double length. The domestic fixed length selection range is 3-9m and 4-12m according to the different specifications and numbers. The length selection range of Japan is 6-15m.